Werler Landstrasse 6-8
59494 Soest / Westphalia

T.: +49 2921 981 30 30


District government Arnsberg

Seibertzstrasse 1- 59821 Arnsberg
License Number: D-05-001-P-3814
Commercial cross-border passenger transport with buses
Occasional traffic with buses according to paragraph §§ 48 / 49 PBeFG.



Arnsberg District Court

Eichholzstrasse 4 – 59821 Arnsberg
Share capital of the GmbH: €25,000
Managing Director / all shareholders
Merchant: Markus Werner Karrie
HRB: 6837


Chamber of Commerce and Industry

IHK – Königstrasse 18 – 59821 Arnsberg
Technical suitability for passenger transport
in accordance with Article 21 of Regulation EC – 1071 / 2009
with the license number of the IHK Arnsberg - 102 / 319


City of Soest

Am Vreithof 8 – 59494 Soest
Business registration: 5974040


Tax office Soest

Heinsbergplatz 13 – 59494 Soest
Tax number: 343 / 5704 / 1356
Sales tax identification number: DE 236747589


Sparkasse Soest

Puppenstrasse 1 – 59494 Soest
IBAN code: DE 38 414500750000075655



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