Climate neutral

Driving with Silvervision is climate neutral

With carbon dioxide emissions of 32 grams per passenger kilometer, the coach has a better climate balance than trains, planes and cars.

With a forest project in South America, the first climate-positive passenger transport company in the high-quality sector in Germany is offsetting the carbon dioxide emissions of its company and its coaches without additional burdens for its customers. The money goes into the reforestation of new areas with over 23 million trees on more than 21,000 hectares in South America.

"The climate seal that we award to the Silvervision meets international standards for CO ² compensation that are recognized by the Federal Environment Agency," explains Peter Frieß, Managing Director of Focus Future. To this end, the company participates in a FSC certified ? Tree planting project in South America. FSC stands for ?Forest Stewardship Council?. It is the world's best-known certification system for more sustainable forest management.

The project is also validated by the Rainforest Alliance. The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit environmental organization. It awards the seal with the green frog on the basis of the "Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standard".
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As the first company in the high-quality segment to be climate-neutral

All vehicles shown correspond exclusively to the latest EURO 6 engine generation and are therefore demonstrably particularly efficient. Even if the bus is the most environmentally friendly means of transport, it is not entirely without emissions. For this reason, we pay a voluntary climate protection fee for our guests. As a climate-neutral company, we support climate protection projects with our partner, which compensate for an equivalent amount of CO ² emissions. The money goes into the reforestation of tree plantations in South America on an area of more than 21,000 hectares, which absorb over 127,000 tons of CO ² from the atmosphere every year.

What does climate positive mean?

As a sustainable company, it is very important to us to stand up to climate change. That is why we have compensated for all greenhouse gas emissions caused by our operations and through additional measures we save more CO2 than we consume, in order to become the first German climate-positive company in the upscale and exclusive passenger transport sector. This means that we can count ourselves among the first climate-positive passenger transport companies in Europe and the world! We are firmly convinced that sustainability is one of the most important pillars of every international company. We live this philosophy.

What does offset greenhouse gas emissions mean?

Greenhouse gases are produced at many points during a journey. The most well-known greenhouse gas is CO2. There are also other greenhouse gases, such as methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O). For the sake of simplicity, all greenhouse gases are converted to correspond to the effect of CO2 on the earth's climate. This creates an overarching and comparable value. For this reason, greenhouse gas compensation is usually referred to as CO2 equivalents. There are many ways to offset the climate emissions caused. One of the most promising, however, is the planting of trees and, above all, the reforestation of cleared areas. Where this reforestation takes place is irrelevant to the climate on earth. The Amazon is therefore not called the "green lung of the world" for nothing. called. Basically, the faster the planted trees can grow, the faster the greenhouse gases are bound from the atmosphere and climate change is combated. Since trees grow many times faster in tropical areas than, for example, in German mixed forests, it makes the most sense from a climatic point of view to initially plant trees near the equator, where they can bind more CO2 in a shorter time.

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Where do our certificates come from?

The money goes into the reforestation of new areas with over 23 million trees on more than 21,000 hectares in South America. Through the cooperation with a focus on the future, Silvervision also supports the Alliance for Development and Climate, for which Dr. Gerd Müller, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development. "The climate seal that we award to Silvervision GmbH meets international standards for CO ² compensation that are recognized by the Federal Environment Agency," explains Peter Frieß, Managing Director of Focus Future.

Which climate protection project does the Silvervision support?

Afforestation to store CO2 from the atmosphere. The project comprises a total of 21,298 hectares of land previously grazed by beef cattle where forest plantations have been established to produce high-quality, long-lasting timber products and to store large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The forests are primarily based on Eucalyptus grandis plantations in 22-year rotations managed with pruning and two to three thinning operations to obtain large diameter logs suitable for sawing and veneering. The practices are compatible with the FSC standard for sustainable forest management. Planted forests remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in various carbon pools (aboveground and underground biomass, soil, litter, non-tree vegetation, deadwood and harvested wood products).

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Why is a climate protection project being supported in South America?

The basic logic of the system is that investments in emission-reducing projects should always be made where they can be implemented most cheaply (most economically). It follows that it is precisely in these places that the most can be done with a fixed amount of money. For this reason, climate protection projects are primarily carried out in Africa, Asia, India and Latin America. There they bring about an additional economic upswing and improve the conditions for important partnerships on international climate issues. For CO2 compensation, it is also irrelevant where it is effected, since greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere represent a global problem.

Traveling by bus is a big plus for the environment

Traveling by bus as a tourist makes a positive contribution to climate protection. A coach only emits about a sixth of the carbon dioxide that a plane pollutes the atmosphere with. Four times as much greenhouse gas is emitted into the air during a holiday by car and cannot compete with a climate-friendly bus. At 1.4 liters per 100 passenger kilometers, bus energy consumption is well ahead of planes and cars, and even better than trains.

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